Find Your BDM

Our dedicated Business Development Managers (BDMs) provide support across the UK and can help with:

  • Giving up to date product information

  • Advice on making applications

  • Case tracking updates

Our regional Sales Support teams are also on hand to support you and help provide solutions to your queries.

Where it is not practical to have a BDM in place (e.g. in remote locations), Sales Support is on hand to answer your questions.

Call 0800 545 31 31 and we'll put you in touch.


Please ensure you only enter the first half of your postcode (eg. SO14 or MK8) into the search box.

Please note that these numbers are for mortgage intermediary use ONLY.

If you are not a mortgage intermediary: please note we cannot advise borrowers on products or discuss exisiting mortgages. If you would like information on our current range of mortgage products available to new and existing customers, please contact an independent financial advisor.