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With TMW Online you can wave goodbye to paper forms, proof of identity documents, paper direct debits and rushing to catch the last post. You can now do it all online and make massive time savings.

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DIPs in seconds

Dynamic form filling

  • Information fields complete automatically-there’s no re-entering data between setting up client details, DIP and application form.

Case cloning

  • You can quickly create a new application for the same applicants by cloning existing case information.

No paper or signatures

  • You don’t need to post paper forms or supporting documents. Everything is done online: identity and address verification, credit checks, signatures, payment of fees and instruction of valuer.

Varied submission routes

  • All available submission routes are accepted. Select the most appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

Never lose your applications

  • All data entered is saved and can be retrieved for compliance and auditing. You can print declarations for a complete data record. The KFI is automatically attached to the application record.

Spend less time form filling and more time with customers.

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