This page is for Limited Company pilot brokers only.

Thank you for agreeing to be part of our Limited Company pilot.

Key criteria

  • The maximum number of Directors/Shareholders is two
  • An interest cover ratio of 130% applies to Buy to Let (BTL) applications (170% for HMO)
  • We’ll only consider lending to Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV).

All Directors/Shareholders must meet our standard lending criteria.

Download our Limited Company product and criteria guide to view our dedicated product range and policy.

How to apply for a Limited Company product

Applications can only be submitted via our Limited Company application form

You currently can't submit Limited Company applications or obtain a Decision in Principle (DIP) through TMW Online.

  • Please ensure you complete all relevant sections of the form. If information is missing it could delay your client's application.
  • Once completed, please email the form to

Underwriting requirements

Our specialist underwriting team will confirm the case requirements when your client’s application is submitted. In most cases, we’ll request:

If you haven't met with the Directors/Shareholders 'face to face' then you'll be required to certify documents used to support your client's application.

If we're unable to verify your client electronically, we'll ask you to provide the Certificate of Incorporation.

We reserve the right to request additional information to satisfy requirements.

Limited Company FAQs

Does the portfolio landlord criteria apply?

Yes, where the Company or its Directors/Shareholders own four or more mortgaged properties (either separately or in aggregate), portfolio landlord criteria will apply.

If my client is a portfolio landlord, will you assess any properties in the background?

Yes, in line with personal borrowers. If your clients meet our portfolio landlord criteria, the portfolio must pass 145% rental cover at 4.50% (up to 10 mortgaged BTL properties) or 5.50% (11 or more mortgaged BTL properties).

What are your evidence requirements if the Directors are providing the deposit?

If your client’s deposit is a Director’s loan, we’ll require proof of source of deposit, in line with our standard requirements.

A gifted deposit from individuals to Director(s) are acceptable, however gifts to the Company are not.

Will TMW require separate solicitors for you and my client?

No, we aren’t insisting on separate representation.

Are the Limited Company products available for additional borrowing?

Currently, we’re only accepting purchase or remortgage applications.

Will you insist on first legal charge?

Yes, we will require first legal charge over the security.

My clients have set up a Limited Company and wish to purchase properties from themselves, is that acceptable?

Yes, applications where the Limited Company is purchasing property from one of the directors are acceptable.

What is the procuration fee for Limited Company cases?

Our usual procuration fees apply for Limited Company cases.

Useful guides and forms

 Limited Company product and criteria guide
 Limited Company application form

 Deed of Guarantee
  Bank statement guide

  Gifted Deposit form
  Property schedule

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