We're making it easier to do business with TMW

Getting back to what we do best - that's common sense

At TMW we're committed to lending responsibly.

But recently you've told us there are times we haven't been clear enough about the information we need from you, and that we've fallen short on one of our key promises - a common sense approach to underwriting.

We've listened to your feedback and we want to put things right; giving you greater clarity around existing criteria and also letting you know about some changes we're making from Monday 10 December.

So here's what we've done:

  • Launched a new guide called 'Making it easier to do business with TMW' The guide explains the criteria changes we're making and clarifies the information we'll ask for when you send us a case.

  • Updated our Lending Criteria Guide - so it's more comprehensive for you and your clients, and also easier to understand.

  • Improved the way we underwrite your cases - by giving you a single underwriter throughout your application and by asking for the information we need earlier in the process.

Read the 'Making it easier to do business with TMW' guide

View our updated Lending Criteria Guide

Download our updated Product Guide

We're committed to getting back to what we do best - processing your high quality business, quickly and efficiently.

So if there's anything else we can do to improve the service we offer you, please contact your local BDM or speak to a member of our dedicated Sales Support team.

Securing current products
The criteria changes detailed in the 'Making it easier to do business with TMW' guide take effect from 10 December.To secure current products using existing criteria, please complete a DIP before 1pm Friday 7 December 2012.Any DIPs must be progressed to full mortgage application by 8pm Friday 7 December 2012.

Faxed DIPs will not be accepted and should be submitted via TMW Online or TMW MTE.Paper applications, where applicable, must be postmarked up to Friday 7 December.

Please note our Terms and Conditions are being updated, and will be available to download from the Literature section of our website on Monday 10 December.