Criteria changes and end dates extended

With effect from Friday 26 July we'll be making the following changes to our product ranges:

All products

  • End dates extended to 31 October on all products

Withdrawal of Light Refurbishment range

  • Our Light Refurbishment range will be withdrawn
  • Following the withdrawal, applications for unlettable properties will no longer be acceptable

Let to Buy applications

  • Prior to the completion of any Let to Buy mortgage, we'll now need to see the onward residential purchase mortgage offer

Residential Further Advance/Switcher

  • New Further Advance product range, starting from 3.39% at 70% LTV
  • New Switcher product range, starting from 2.64% at 60% LTV

Securing current products

To secure a product on our current range and criteria available via TMW Online or TMW MTE, please complete a DIP by 1pm Thursday 25 July 2013. Any DIPs must be progressed to full mortgage application by 8pm Thursday 25 July 2013.

Please note that faxed DIPs will not be accepted and should be submitted via TMW Online or TMW MTE. Paper applications, where applicable, must be postmarked up to Thursday 25 July 2013.