Share the new ultimate Landlords' Guide with your clients today

Our independent landlord guide provides everything your clients need to know about being a landlord. Whether they're considering letting out their first property or are an established investor, they can benefit from this comprehensive guide. And because it's independent, you won't find a single sales pitch from us.

A few things you'll find in the guide:

  • An overview of BTL including a guide to investment strategies

  • Responsibilities of being a landlord

  • Information on finding a BTL property and choosing your target tenant group

  • A guide to BTL mortgages and how they differ from residential mortgages

  • Consideration of letting agents versus self management

  • How rental yield and capital growth are calculated

  • Exit strategies including tips on selling a BTL property and consideration of tax

  • Worksheets to calculate net profit, useful links and glossary of terms

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