Free British Gas Safety Check worth £135

Helping your clients meet their obligation as a landlord

We've partnered with British Gas to bring your clients a Landlord Gas Safety Record, which means they will get all this for free:

  • Gas safety check on their boiler and its pipework
  • Inspections of two additional gas appliances
  • Landlord Gas Safety Record (CP12) emailed to them the next day and available any time online

As your clients will have enough to think about, British Gas will do the legwork, with a convenient appointment slot, a call when their engineer is on the way - and they'll put your client's CP12 (which is legally required to show that gas appliances have been checked annually) online, so they can view it whenever they need to.

From 02 September 2013, we'll be including this insert in our mortgage offer packs. To arrange their free Gas Safety Check, your client will just need to keep their voucher somewhere safe and call British Gas on 0800 072 9121 when they complete their mortgage.

For more information, just contact your local BDM or regional Sales Support team.