New TMW Online application process

From Monday 16 September, we'll be making a number of improvements to TMW Online and changing the TMW Online application process.

The changes enable us to specify our underwriting requirements upfront, with a new package stage post Full Mortgage Application (FMA) and ahead of underwriting. The changes aim to improve the clarity of our criteria and the consistency of our decisions.

What's new?

New to the TMW Online application process

  • You'll now be given a list of our underwriting requirements at Decision in Principle (DIP) stage.

  • When you progress your client's case to FMA we'll re-confirm our underwriting requirements.

  • Your client's case will stay at packaging stage until we've received all the case requirements, at which point our underwriters will review it before requesting the valuation.

New TMW Online DIP questions

  • We'll ask you for a breakdown of your client's source of deposit, whether they've had any previous names, or if they've had any properties repossessed.

  • And if your client's DIP isn't successful, we'll tell you the main reason why. For example: "The application has been declined due to adverse bureau information."

To help guide you through these changes, we've provided a new 'TMW Online application process guide, along with a full set of FAQs.

What about my pipeline applications?

From 12pm Friday 13 September until 9am Monday 16 September, TMW Online will be unavailable as we upgrade the system with these changes.

This means that any submitted DIPs will need to reach a DIP accept or decline by 12pm Friday 13 September.

If your DIP has been referred, you'll need to submit all outstanding information by 12pm on Friday 13 September for your DIP refer to be actioned.

If you're unable to provide the information by 12pm on Friday 13 September, you'll need to re-key and submit your DIP on Monday 16 September.

If you've got a query, try our Pipeline application FAQs, or contact your local BDM or Sales Support team.