A quick guide to processing TMW Online applications

Recently we improved our TMW Online application process to provide you with a greater clarity of our requirements. But getting used to a new process can take time, so here's a quick guide to the TMW Online application process to help you package your client's case.

1. Decision in Principle (DIP)
When you submit your client's DIP you'll be given an immediate decision on whether it can progress to a Full Mortgage Application (FMA) or not. If it can be progressed, and if we have any case requirements at this stage, the DIP decision screen will show you what they are.

2. Full Mortgage Application (FMA)
At FMA we'll re-confirm any case requirements within 48 hours by sending you an email.

3. Package
Your client's application will remain at package until all case requirements have been sent to tmw.applications@themortgageworks.co.uk. If you need a hand packaging your client's case, try our packaging FAQs.

4. Underwriting
When your case is fully packaged it will move to our Underwriters for a final assessment. Sometimes, our Underwriters might ask for additional information specific to the application.

5. Valuation

6. Offer
If the valuation report shows the property as suitable security that passes our rental assessment, we'll issue your client's offer.

If you've got a question that's not covered here, try our updated TMW Online FAQs or TMW Online application process guide.