We're amending our BTL rental stress rate

From Thursday 20 November, we'll be increasing our Buy to Let rental stress rate from 4.99% to 5.49% for applications between 65% and 75% LTV.

LTV Existing stress rate Stress rate (from 20 Nov) Rental cover
Up to 65% LTV 4.99% 4.99 125%
65%-75% LTV 4.99% 5.49% 125%
Over 75% LTV 5.99% 5.99% 125%

A stress rate of 4.99% will continue to apply on all fixed rate products of 5 years or more (regardless of LTV)

For applications where overall lending with the Nationwide Group exceeds £1m, a stress rate of 5.99% will remain in place.

Our maximum loan will continue to be calculated using the higher of either the stress rate or product pay rate, against a rental cover position of 125%.

Help and support

If you've got a question about this change, contact your local BDM or our Regional Sales Support team.

Securing current products

You can secure any current products available via TMW Online or TMW MTE by submitting a Full Mortgage Application (FMA) by 8pm on Wednesday 19 November 2014.

Where applicable, paper applications must be postmarked up to Wednesday 19 November 2014.