We're increasing the maximum loan size at selected LTVs

With effect from Tuesday 21 July 2015, our maximum loan for experienced landlords will increase as follows:

  • Between 65% and 70% LTV - increase from £500k to £750k
  • Between 70% and 75% LTV - increase from £350k to £500k

We're also extending the end dates on all products.

Download the updated Buy to Let product guide

Securing current products

You can secure any current products available via TMW Online or TMW MTE by submitting a Full Mortgage Application (FMA) by 8pm Monday 20 July 2015.

Any paper applications must be postmarked no later than Monday 20 July 2015.

Need to get in touch?

If you have any questions regarding the change, please contact your local BDM or your regional Dedicated Broker Support team.