Improvements to TMW Online and TMW MTE

This weekend, we're making a number of system enhancements, as well as implementing our changes for the EU Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD). To make these changes, TMW Online, TMW MTE and our Online Mortgage Switcher service will be unavailable from 8pm Friday 4 March until 8am Monday 7 March.

From Monday 7 March, applications will be even easier to submit via TMW Online:

  • You'll be able to submit Foreign National, HMO and Long Term Let applications online.
  • We've improved the targeting of our questions reducing the need to contact you for further information.
  • We'll give you more information about our lending decision on the DIP response screen, including instructions on what to do next.

Read our new TMW Online System Enhancements Guide

EU Mortgage Credit Directive

We'll also be implementing our changes for the EU MCD and from Monday 7 March you'll be able to produce an enhanced KFI document. You'll notice some new questions and statements throughout the application process. More information on our EU MCD changes is available on our dedicated page.

New Product Codes and End Dates Extension

Please note from Monday 7 March all of our products will have new codes and end dates will be extended until June (rates remain unchanged).

Securing current products

You can secure any current products available via TMW Online or TMW MTE by submitting a Full Mortgage Application (FMA) by 8pm Friday 4 March.

Where applicable, paper applications must be postmarked up to Friday 4 March.

Help and Support

If you have any questions during our normal working hours, please contact your local BDM or your regional Dedicated Broker support team through Broker Chat or on 0800 545 3131.