Let to Buy

*Maximum LTV.

  • All arrangement fees may be added to the loan (with the exception of any up front, non refundable, booking fee. Applicable on products with free standard valuation, free standard legals, or cashback options).
  • Interest will be charged.
  • Minimum % arrangement fee £595

    Buy to Let exposure with Nationwide Group of over £1m (before or after new loan):

  • Fixed rates: new property application based on product pay rate or 5.99%, whichever is higher
  • Tracker/Variable rates: new property application based on product pay rate + 0.5% or 5.99%, whichever is higher

Free standard valuation and free standard legals or cashback products

† Products available through TMW Online. Only available for single property applications. For exceptions please refer to TMW rate guide. Please see our Lending Criteria page for full terms and conditions and a list of non-standard legal fees your client may have to pay.

Let to Buy

Classified as a first time or experienced landlord applicant who is remortgaging their existing residential property as a Buy to Let.

  • Maximum age 70 at application
  • Maximum 75% LTV
  • Maximum loan size £500,000 (unless otherwise stated)
  • The applicant(s) must have owned their residential property for at least six months (with or without a mortgage) at the time of application
  • Applications will only be accepted where there is a simultaneous onward purchase of a new residential property (which may be with another lender), to be confirmed by the acting solicitor prior to completion
  • The applicant must vacate the security address upon completion (new correspondence address should be provided)
  • If the new residential property is purchased by way of a mortgage – A copy of the onward residential mortgage offer must be provided prior to completion

Applications where the new residential property will be purchased with cash are considered, provided:

  • The current main residence is unencumbered
  • The onward purchase address will be provided at application
  • The same solicitor will be acting on behalf of the applicant for both purchase and remortgage transactions