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Keying applications
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TMW's portfolio landlord definition

A portfolio landlord is a borrower with four or more distinct mortgaged Buy to Let UK rental properties (or seven or more for remortgage applications without capital raising).

Additional information

This includes holiday lets, properties owned through a limited company, ‘consent to let’ properties and all BTL mortgages owned solely or jointly by the applicant(s).

We'll only accept applications from portfolio landlords that have at least two years' letting experience (at least one applicant must meet this requirement on joint applications). We won’t consider foreign properties when assessing portfolio landlords.

Affordability assessment

All new TMW mortgage applications are assessed to ensure your client can cover their monthly mortgage interest payment.

We’ll also assess the existing portfolio to ensure the overall aggregate LTV and ICR is sustainable. The assessment will be based on the entire portfolio, including the new property and any rental properties without a mortgage.

The following rental calculations and maximum LTVs will apply across your client’s portfolio:

Rental calculation

Rental calculation across portfolio
Stress rate
  • Up to 10 mortgaged BTL properties
  • Nationwide Group BTL Lending up to £1,000,000
  • 11 or more mortgaged BTL properties
  • Nationwide Group BTL Lending over £1,000,000

Maximum LTV

Maximum LTV across portfolio
  • Up to 6 mortgaged BTL properties
  • Nationwide Group BTL Lending up to £750,000
  • 7 or more mortgaged BTL properties
  • Nationwide Group BTL Lending over £750,000

Keying applications in TMW Online

  • We ask for your client's personal income on all cases.
  • At DIP stage, we look at gross annual buy to let income as well as the total number of properties, to identify if your client is/will be a portfolio landlord on completion of the application.
  • If your client has 4 or more mortgaged properties, we'll ask for details of the total value and outstanding mortgage balances secured against the portfolio.

Please note:

  • If a BTL property is jointly owned between your clients, you only need to enter them under one applicant, not both.
  • If you’re creating multiple applications for the same applicant(s), please try to submit them at the same time.

Packaging applications

All portfolio landlords need to provide:

  • Three months' current account statements showing rental payments.
  • A property schedule, by:
    • Keying the details into our Portfolio Portal
    • Or completing our property schedule form and uploading into our portal*
    • *Please don't insert new columns into this spreadsheet, copy and paste over the cells or provide any additional information we haven't requested, as this will cause upload errors.

    Once submitted, the details will be automatically validated and the results will be sent to our dedicated team of underwriters for assessment. We’ll be able to assess the case more quickly if you’re able to complete this as soon as you’ve completed the application.

    See our Portfolio Portal guidance notes for more information.

Depending on case complexity and portfolio size, we may request further supporting information such as a business plan.

Once the application has been submitted, we may ask for further information.

So your case can be processed efficiently, please submit all requested proofs and additional supporting information, but only when this is asked for.

Useful guides and forms

Current account statement guide
Property schedule template

Portfolio Portal guidance notes
Business plan template (only to be completed
             and uploaded to TMW Online if requested)

You can also download and print our sales aid which has a summary of the key changes.

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