Changes to HMO licensing

Extension of HMO licensing officially comes into play from 1 October 2018, meaning key changes for HMO Landlords.

Currently, mandatory Houses in Multiple Occupation licensing applies if all of the following are true of the property:

  • The property is occupied by people who aren’t related to each other.
  • The property being occupied has 3 storeys or more.
  • There are five or more occupiers from at least two households where facilities are shared.

From 1 October 2018 mandatory licensing of HMOs will be extended so that smaller properties used as HMOs in England which house 5 people or more in 2 or more separate households will in many cases require a licence. The 3 or more storeys element of the current HMO licensing will no longer apply, most likely leading to a large increase in mandatory HMO licensing.

Also, minimum room size conditions will be introduced for mandatory or additional HMO licences. These conditions must be attached to licences granted on or after 1 October 2018 by the local authority issuing the licence.

To find out more about these conditions and everything else you need to know about the new HMO regulations, view the official guidance reform.

Whilst TMW won’t be making any changes to our current HMO criteria for 1 October, we’ll continue to assess the implications of the new regulations and communicate any changes accordingly.