Limited Company pilot for professional landlords

On Wednesday 8 November, we launched an initial pilot to a small number of brokers, namely Mortgage Intelligence and The Buy to Let Mortgage Business, which re-introduced a range of Buy to Let mortgage products for landlords seeking to secure finance against a property held in a Limited Company.

With rates starting at 2.99%, these are amongst the most competitive available to Limited Company landlords. And applications will be assessed by our specialist team of experienced underwriters.

Paul Wootton, Managing Director of TMW, said:

“Having previously offered limited company products and with the long-term expertise to support professional landlords, TMW is now looking to return to this market. By piloting a limited company buy to let mortgage through selected intermediary partners, we are aiming to respond to the potential demand in the market and further support those professional landlords for whom such products may be suitable. The targeted TMW limited company product range will offer competitive rates and a specialist underwriting team.

“Once we have analysed the response and quantified demand, we will assess if we can roll the range out more widely across our intermediary partners.”

Ying Tan, Managing Director of The Buy to Let Business, said:

“This is a defining moment in the limited company space where a major high street lender has decided to operate in this growing sector. We welcome the increased competition amongst lenders which will hopefully mean improved criteria and attractive rates. TMW are not afraid to lead the way in the Buy to Let market and it is great to see them listening to the intermediary. Well done TMW!”

Sally Laker, Managing Director of Mortgage Intelligence, said:

“Lending to landlords who own property within a limited company has become more of a focus in recent years. We welcome the news that TMW is responding to insight from landlords and brokers and will be testing the likely increase in demand for this option in the market.”