Landlord Panel Insight hub

August 2021

Welcome to our insight hub, here you’ll find the latest quarterly reports taken from BVA BDRC’s Landlord Panel research.

Q2 Landlord Panel reports

Buy to Let (BTL) Barometer
Our at-a-glance look at:
  • What percentage of landlords are looking to buy or sell property.
  • How confident landlords are feeling about prospects for their own lettings business.
  • How landlords plan to fund their next purchase, and more.

Download our BTL Barometer

Rental Income Analysis*

Take a closer look at rental income trends, landlords' future intentions and more.

Download our Rental Income Report

Tenant Demand Report*

See where rental demand is increasing, decreasing or staying the same.

Download our Tenant Demand Report

Regional Snapshot Report*

For a regional view of landlord confidence levels, profitability and more, download the full Regional Snapshot Report to see your region.

Download our Regional Snapshot Report

*NOTE: Base size too small to report Scotland results separately.

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