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To take advantage of the speed savings and simplicity of the Mortgage Trading Exchange (MTE), please complete the sign up process.

  • Register your details with MTE to receive your User ID, Password and PIN number. After successfully finishing this step you will need to wait 2 hours before returning to complete step 2.
  • Once you have your MTE log in details, register with The Mortgage Works (if you are already registered we will need to know your MTE ID).

After you have registered your details for MTE and The Mortgage Works, log on and you'll have immediate access to the following benefits:

Fast and flexible

  • Speedy DIP decision
  • Fast track decisions - no need to provide proof of income or payment history


  • System available 7 days a week
  • Totally off-line system - you only need to be online to submit the DIP and application forms
  • Save & close the form at any stage - revisit to suit your process
  • DIP can be seamlessly continued onto a full application
  • When a "Refer" DIP decision obtained, you can track the case for the final decision which will be returned to you in the stated timescale. If the DIP is accepted, then you can continue onto the Full Mortgage Application (FMA)
  • Pay all upfront fees by debit/credit card

Powerful tools

  • Choose the product from drop down options within the form (no codes needed)
  • Validate the information at any point - highlights questions you may have missed
  • Colour coding makes completion easier
  • Copy functionality available wherever needed
  • Dynamic question - only relevant data required
  • Reserve product and valuation on submission of FMA
  • You can print off all data submitted in PDF format for your records or to give to the client