Registering to place business with us

There are a few things to consider when registering for TMW Online. Please read the below instructions before completing your registration.

  • If you want to register with both The Mortgage Works (TMW) and Nationwide For Intermediaries (NFI), please follow the registration process detailed on the NFI website
  • If you're already registered with NFI, you can also register for The Mortgage Works in NFI Online, but it’s important you select ‘Both’ to ‘Which brand(s) are you registering for?’ during the registration process. If you don’t select this option, your NFI registration will be closed.
  • If you just want to register with TMW, and not NFI, please follow the registration process on the NFI website, and select ‘TMW’ when prompted. Please note, if you do have an NFI Online account, choosing this option will close your NFI registration.

We’ll update our records within 8 working hours following the submission of your registration and you’ll receive a confirmation email once this has been approved. You'll also receive a separate email asking you to create a password for TMW Online. Once this has been created, you'll then be able to log in and submit cases through TMW Online.

Further Support