Additional product features

The below features are only available for single property applications on selected products subject to availability.

Products offering free standard valuations

Available for properties in England, Wales and mainland Scotland (unless otherwise stated). Please refer to the product finder for further details.

Products offering cashback

Where a product offers a cashback benefit, the borrower will receive this when the mortgage starts. The cashback sum will be sent to the borrower’s conveyancer with the funds for the mortgage loan.

Products offering the free standard legal fee service

  • Available for properties in England, Wales and mainland Scotland (unless otherwise stated)
  • Applicable on selected remortgage products (please refer to the product finder for more information)
  • Not available where applicants wish to choose their own solicitor

We will pay the standard legal fee for your client's purchase or remortgage (as appropriate) of the property, except for the costs of any searches and reports or any payments to third parties such as the Land Registry or HMRC provided:

  • The nominated conveyancer will be acting and providing a service for TMW only dealing with the legal aspects of your remortgage
  • The legal title of the property is already registered at the Land Registry under the name of the applicant, with no parties being added to or removed from the property's legal title.
  • No existing secured loans will remain on the property after our mortgage starts
  • The legal title of the property is freehold or leasehold

For a full list of non-standard fees your client may have to pay please download our additional charges guide and ensure a copy of this guide is provided to your client. The acting conveyancer will send your client a full list of the non-standard fees in the initial instruction letter.

If your client decides not to use the conveyancer selected by us and/or takes independent legal advice, this will not be covered under a 'free standard legal fee service' scheme. In this instance an alternative product may need to be selected, which could incur additional fees.

Please note: The Mortgage Works reserves the right to request further information if deemed necessary.