TMW Online

TMW Online is our online application system which provides fast processing and case tracking to give you an efficient case experience.

Benefits of using TMW Online

You can use TMW Online for new cases, Mortgage Illustration, Decision in Principle (DIP) and case tracking.

Submit your clients’ applications easily

  • Get DIPs in seconds and spend less time form filling and more time with your clients.
    • Please note for Limited Company, you can't obtain a DIP through TMW Online. Mortgage Illustrations should be obtained from your usual sourcing system.
  • View the how to submit a case page for paper exceptions.

Track your case online without the need to call – our systems are updated every 10 minutes

  • Your ten most recently created cases will now be shown on the TMW Online home screen, with the ability to show all cases or search for a particular case as required.

Upload proofs to TMW Online using our document upload facility

  • You can find out more about how to use the document upload facility on section 4 of our latest Tracking guide.
  • The maximum file size for each document on TMW Online is 5MB. If you're uploading more than one document, a maximum of 20 documents can be added to each requirement, with a maximum combined file size of 25MB.
  • You'll find a list of case requirements on the ‘Valuation and assessment’ section within the case tracking screen on TMW Online.
  • Understand how a scanning app could help save you some time.

Dynamic form filling

  • Information fields complete automatically-there’s no re-entering data between setting up client details, DIP and application form.

Download and print case documents online for your compliance records

  • All data entered is saved and can be retrieved for compliance and auditing. You can print declarations for a complete data record.
  • The following documents are automatically attached to the application record once they are generated.
    • Mortgage Illustration
    • DIP Response
    • DIP Certificate
    • DIP Summary
    • Application Summary
    • Valuation Report
    • Mortgage Offer

Once generated, you'll be able to retrieve your documents directly via the Documents link throughout DIP and the full mortgage application. When the full mortgage application has been submitted, you'll also be able to view all documents via case tracking.

Using the system

How to amend your submitted application

After a full application has been submitted, it’s not possible to make amendments to the case via TMW Online. Once the case has been assigned an Application ID and you wish to make a material change, please email to request any changes.

How to change a product

If the full application hasn’t been fully submitted, it’s possible to resubmit the DIP and select an alternative product.

If the application has been submitted, please contact the updates team by emailing

For like for like port applications, you may be asked to select a new product if the requested total loan amount is higher than the existing loan amount entered. You'll need to revisit the loan requirements.

How to print case documentation

For a submitted mortgage application:

  • Search for the case you require from the TMW Online home page and click 'Open case' which will open the case tracking screen.
  • All documentation generated for the case will be available on the case tracking screen.

Click on the relevant document to open and print.

For mortgage applications that have not yet been submitted, you can access documentation via the Documents link on the DIP and full mortgage application screens.

Our Contact us page has all the information you need if you have a pre or post application query.

Reserving a product

To reserve a product, you will need to complete and submit the full mortgage application paying any applicable fees for the product selected.

How can I access my colleague’s case?

You'll be unable to access the case online, however you can obtain further updates on the case by contacting the updates team on 0345 605 40 40, then press option 2.

Non Standard Tenancy Agreement

The standard form of letting agreement we accept is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, or either a Short Assured Tenancy, Occupation Contract in Wales or a Private Residential Tenancy in Scotland. Where this isn’t used, we’ll consider this a non standard tenancy.

We accept the following tenant types on a non standard tenancy basis:

  • Corporate Tenancy – A company is the tenant for the purposes of housing one of its employees and associated family. The tenant company must employ a minimum of 1,000 people and we won’t consider any sub-letting arrangements.
  • Local Authority/Housing Association Tenancy
  • A private tenant where the rent is greater than £100,000 and therefore falls outside the limits of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

In line with standard tenancy agreements, the solicitor is responsible for checking the terms of the tenancy are acceptable to us, based on our lender information displayed in the UK Finance Handbook. The maximum term of 36 months also applies (except in the case of a Private Residential Tenancy which does not have a fixed term).

My client has lived at multiple addresses in the last 3 years. Can I submit their case online?

You can provide up to 9 previous addresses for your client, although additional information may be required in some cases.

If you get an error message

If you get an error message when keying a Let to Buy application this is most likely caused by trying to submit Let to Buy applications as a purchase. Please check the application has been submitted as a remortgage. If you’re still receiving an error message, please contact us using Broker Chat.

Packaging support case requirements 

You need to submit your client's case requirements after you've received our confirmation email at the Full Mortgage Application (FMA) stage. You can upload these to TMW Online using our scan and attach facility - you don't need to email or post supporting documents.

Once the full mortgage application has been submitted, you can find a list of case requirements on the 'valuation and assessment' section within the case tracking screen.

The case requirements will be confirmed to you within your DIP response and also when you submit the full mortgage application.

We’ll only ask for additional information for complex cases where it’s necessary for us to make a decision.

If your client needs to provide case requirements you've already submitted, you can tell us the FMA reference number for the case requirements you’ve already sent and we’ll match them up. Alternatively you can resend these quoting the new Full Mortgage Application (FMA) reference number.

Producing a Mortgage Illustration

You must have created a case before producing a Mortgage Illustration.

You'll be given the option of creating a Mortgage Illustration once a case has been created, and again as part of the product section of the full mortgage application. Once generated, Mortgage Illustrations are saved to the case which can be accessed via the Documents link throughout DIP and full mortgage application.

When the full mortgage application has been submitted, you'll also be able to view the Mortgage Illustration via case tracking.

Support with Decision in Principle (DIP) cases

For a TMW online case, you'll be able to retrieve your DIP certificate directly from the DIP response screen. If you wish to access the DIP certificate after this point, it'll be available via the Documents link throughout the full mortgage application. When the full mortgage application has been submitted, you'll also be able to view the certificate via case tracking.

Amending a DIP

You can amend details on the DIP (excluding applicant personal details), at any time prior to submission of the full application. This can be done by clicking 'Amend DIP' from the DIP response screen or 'Back to DIP' at any point during the full mortgage application. Rather than submitting another DIP, you can amend the existing DIP by following the steps in the 'how can I amend a DIP' question.

If you amend details on the DIP, you will lose your current DIP decision status and will need to re-run through the DIP pages, amend and resubmit.

Once you've done this and received an 'accept', the new DIP certificate can be viewed within the Documents link throughout the full mortgage application. When the full mortgage application has been submitted, you'll also be able to view the certificate via case tracking.

Another footprint won't be left with the Credit Reference Agency / Bureau if it's within 60 days of the original DIP.

If you need to speak to us, you either call our Mortgage New Business Team on 0345 605 40 40 then press option 2 or 3 or email

Credit Reference Agencies/Bureaus

For the assessment of lending risk, we use the three major UK credit reference agencies and bureaus:

  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Experian

We’ll search at least one agency for an application. If we require additional information or don’t get an exact match we’ll search the other agencies.

All lenders are required to leave a footprint highlighting when they've performed a search connected with mortgage lending. If we have to use more than one Credit Reference Agency or Bureau, we're required to leave a footprint at each agency used.

Please note: The Mortgage Works will only carry out searches which leave a hard footprint.

Register for TMW Online

To be able to use TMW Online you need to register with us before you can submit business.


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