TMW Online

TMW Online is our online application system which provides fast processing and case tracking to give you an efficient case experience.

Use TMW Online for new cases, Mortgage Illustration, Decision in Principle (DIP) and case tracking.

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To be able to use TMW Online you need to register with us before you can submit business.


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Benefits of using TMW Online

Submit your clients’ applications easily

  • Get DIPs* in seconds and spend less time form filling and more time with your clients.
  • View the how to submit a case page for paper exceptions.

Track your case online without the need to call – our systems are updated every 10 minutes

  • Your ten most recently created cases will now be shown on the TMW Online home screen, with the ability to show all cases or search for a particular case as required.

Upload proofs to TMW Online using our document upload facility

  • You can find out more about how to use the document upload facility on section 4 of our latest Tracking guide.
  • You'll find a list of case requirements on the ‘Valuation and assessment’ section within the case tracking screen on TMW Online.
  • Read our Scanned documents page to understand how a scanning app could help save you some time.

Dynamic form filling

  • Information fields complete automatically-there’s no re-entering data between setting up client details, DIP and application form.

Download and print case documents online for your compliance records

  • All data entered is saved and can be retrieved for compliance and auditing. You can print declarations for a complete data record.
  • The following documents are automatically attached to the application record once they are generated.
    • Mortgage Illustration
    • DIP Response
    • DIP Certificate
    • DIP Summary
    • Application Summary
    • Valuation Report
    • Mortgage Offer

Our Contact us page has all the information you need if you have a pre or post application query.

*For Limited Company, you can't obtain a DIP through TMW Online. Mortgage Illustrations should be obtained from your usual sourcing system.