Supporting landlords

Alongside building lasting relationships with you, our intermediaries, we constantly seek to improve experiences for landlords. Two recent developments allow your clients greater access to their mortgage information, which you can use to support them.

Before, during and following mortgage maturity

It’s important that landlords are in an informed position about their mortgage, especially when their current mortgage is coming to an end.

To ensure they’re informed, we provide digital access to key information they’ll need when making decisions about what to do next.

How do landlords access this?

We start communicating with landlords 6 months prior to their mortgage maturity. During this time landlords can log in online and see:

  • their current rate and monthly payment alongside their revert rate
  • an illustration of what their payment could be if they take no action.

However, they're unable to take any action to change their mortgage deal until the 13 week switch window opens.

All communications reference a broker relationship. And at any point landlords can opt out of communications and advise (through the tool) that they’re working with you.

When does this happen? Mortgage maturity – a countdown:

6 - 4 months prior to maturity: Online access becomes available. Landlords can see their current rate and monthly payment. They can also see what their rate and monthly payment would be if they revert to the managed rate. If landlords are working with you, they can inform us through a simple click selection, and we’ll stop contacting them.

3 – 0 months prior to maturity: We continue offering landlords the opportunity to tell us they are working with you and to stop us contacting them. But we also offer them the option to:

  • head to unbiased to find a broker to support them with their maturity or
  • manage their product switch directly online.

After maturity: If we can see that a landlord remains on the managed rate we will contact them for 2 further months following maturity. This is so we can understand if they need help.

Managing mortgages digitally

Landlords can easily explore their mortgage information and make administration changes quickly online. This online access provides information like; total mortgage balance, next payment date and amount. They can access this at a time and place convenient to them. The information could be helpful supporting your conversations when they’re with you reviewing their portfolio and future opportunities.

To access their mortgage information, your clients will need:

  • their first and last name
  • date of birth
  • correspondence postcode
  • their 8 digit mortgage account number.

Help your client manage their mortgage

Our online tool allows your client to explore their total balance, next payment date and amount online in one place.

Explore my mortgage

Meeting your clients' support needs

We want to ensure that your clients who could be vulnerable get the support they need to access our products and services.

Vulnerability - how you can help

Switch your clients' mortgage

When your clients' mortgage deal is coming to an end, you can switch them to one of our latest deals online.

Switch online