TMW Online FAQs

Using the System

How do I amend an application I’ve submitted?

After a full application has been submitted, it’s not possible to make amendments to the case via TMW Online. Once the case has been assigned an Application ID and you wish to make a material change, please email to request any changes.

How do I search for my case?

From the TMW Online welcome page, click 'Search for an Existing Case'.

  • If the case is pre-submission or submitted, click ‘Open’, ‘Cancel’ or ‘Clone’.
  • If the case is post-submission you can only review or clone the case.
How do I clone a case?
  • Find the original case by searching for an existing case, then select 'Clone'.
  • Follow the steps and proceed through the case, then press ‘Submit’.
Why would I need to clone a case?

If you’re submitting multiple applications for your client, by cloning a case you can pre-populate key information to save time.

Please note, some client data won't be editable when you use the cloning functionality.

What information can I change after I’ve cloned a case?

You’ll need to review the information in the cloned case, and will then have the opportunity to make any amendments. You’ll also need to complete the loan requirements and property details for the new application.

The following information can’t be amended when you clone a case. If you need to change any of the following details, you’ll need to start a new application:

  • Client details (name, address, date of birth)
  • Reordering the 1st and 2nd applicants
  • Submission route
  • Broker fees
How can I change a product?

If the application hasn’t been submitted, it’s possible to change the product on the ‘Available Products’ screen. The products shown will be based on the live products according to the application type selected in the ‘Mortgage Details’ section of the DIP.

If the application has been submitted, please contact the updates team on 08000 30 40 40, then press option 2.

On a like for like port application, why am I being asked to 'select a new product for additional borrowing'?

If you are being asked to select a product, you have requested a total loan amount that is higher than the existing loan amount entered. You'll need to revisit the loan requirements.

What is a 'Non Standard Tenancy Agreement'?

The standard form of letting agreement we accept is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, or either a Short Assured Tenancy or a Private Residential Tenancy in Scotland. Where this isn’t used, we’ll consider this a non standard tenancy.

We accept the following tenant types on a non standard tenancy basis:

  • Corporate Tenancy – A company is the tenant for the purposes of housing one of its employees and associated family. The tenant company must employ a minimum of 1,000 people and we won’t consider any sub-letting arrangements.
  • Local Authority/Housing Association Tenancy
  • A private tenant where the rent is greater than £100,000 and therefore falls outside the limits of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

In line with standard tenancy agreements, the solicitor is responsible for checking the terms of the tenancy are acceptable to us, based on our lender information displayed in the UK Finance Handbook. The maximum term of 36 months also applies (except in the case of a Private Residential Tenancy which does not have a fixed term).

Why do you need to know the ‘number of lettable rooms’?

We’ll use this information to provisionally determine whether Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties are acceptable security to us.

For non-HMO applications, including Buy to Let and Let to Buy, please enter 0.

My client has lived at multiple addresses in the last 3 years. Can I submit their case online?

You can provide up to 9 previous addresses for your client, although additional information may be required in some cases.

Can my additional borrowing loan term be greater than the term of the main account?

The term for the Further Advance can be different to the main account, however it can't be longer.

Why am I getting an error message when keying a Let to Buy application?

This is most likely caused by trying to submit Let to Buy applications as a purchase. Please check the application has been submitted as a remortgage.

If you’re still receiving an error message, please contact us on 0800 545 31 31, then press option 2.


How can I amend a DIP?

To amend a DIP you don’t need to clone the case.

Details contained within the DIP can be amended by unlocking it. You can do this by opening the case and clicking on the DIP icon on the left hand side of the screen. Next confirm you’d like to unlock the DIP. The DIP will lose any approved status, but will enable you to re-run through the DIP pages, amend and resubmit.

Another footprint won’t be left if it’s within 30 days of the original DIP.

Why is my DIP certificate not visable?

If you've unlocked the DIP to make changes, the DIP certificate won't be viewable until the DIP is re-submitted.

Once you've done this and received an accept, the new DIP certificate, and any other certificates previously generated, will be viewable within the Documents section of the Case Summary.

Where can I retrieve my DIP certificate after I have received an accept decision?

For a TMW online case, select the 'View Documents' button which is displayed below your Accepted DIP response. This will take you to the case documents where you can then select 'view' next to the DIP certificate, which will open the document as a PDF.

For MTE, open the Accept Response envelope and navigate to the DIP certificate tab.

If I submit another DIP for this case will it affect my client's credit rating?

Rather than submitting another DIP, you can just amend the existing DIP by following the steps in the 'how can I amend a DIP' question.

You can submit as many DIPs as your client likes within a 30 day period without leaving more than one footprint per Credit Reference Agency / Bureau.

Who do I contact if I want to discuss my DIP?

Please contact us in one of the following ways:

Credit Reference Agencies/Bureaus

Which Credit Reference Agencies / Bureaus do you use?

For the assessment of lending risk, we use the three major UK credit reference agencies and bureaus:

  • Equifax
  • CallCredit
  • Experian

We’ll search at least one agency for an application. If we require additional information or don’t get an exact match we’ll search the other agencies.

If you’re using more than one Credit Reference Agency / Bureau, how many footprints will you leave?

All lenders are required to leave a footprint highlighting that they’ve performed a search connected with mortgage lending. We're therefore required to leave a footprint at each agency we use.


What are the case requirements you’ll request?

You can find a list of case requirements on the 'outstanding case requirements' section within the case summary screen.

The case requirements will be confirmed to you within your DIP response and also when you submit the full mortgage application.

We’ll only ask for additional information for complex cases where it’s necessary for us to make a decision.

How can I supply the supporting documentation you require?

You can upload the supporting documentation directly to the case. Please see the 'Scan and Attach' section for more details. Alternatively, documentation can be sent to

When should I submit my client’s case requirements?

Please submit your client's case requirements after you've received our confirmation email at the Full Mortgage Application (FMA) stage. An email including the FMA reference number and case requirements should be sent to

My client already has an application with you. Will you cross reference case requirements?

If your client needs to provide case requirements you've already submitted, you can tell us the FMA reference number for the case requirements you’ve already sent and we’ll match them up. Alternatively you can resend these quoting the new Full Mortgage Application (FMA) reference number.


How do I produce a KFI?

You must have created a case before producing a KFI.

There are two places to create a KFI, detailed below.

  • 'KFI': Standalone KFI

  • You must be within a case (create a new case if required). Once within the 'Case Tracking/Status' page, select 'KFI' on the left hand side. Running through these pages will produce a standalone KFI, though it will not be saved against the case.

  • 'Application Form': Post-DIP KFI

  • When a DIP has been accepted, you may begin the 'Application Form'. The first page is ‘Available Products’. These products will be based on the application type selected in the ‘Mortgage Details’ section of the DIP. Once you’ve selected the product and confirmed the fees, you’ll be able to generate a KFI. Once generated, this is saved within the case as a KFI Print on the 'Case Tracking' page.

Only one of these KFIs is available on each case. If any adjustments need to be made you can get a standalone KFI as above.

Why am I having problems generating a KFI?

If you see a message saying ‘Choose an Option’ on the left hand side of the screen that isn’t there, it may be because your internet browser’s Pop-Up Blocker settings are preventing the KFI from opening up on the screen and causing the system to hang.

  • First ensure pop-ups are enabled in your internet browser settings. If the problem persists hold down the control key whilst clicking 'Next' on the last page of the KFI and the KFI should open in a new screen.
  • If a post-DIP KFI has become stuck at this point it is likely the KFI was generated behind the scenes. If you experience this problem try returning to 'Case Tracking' and picking up a KFI Print.
  • If you continue to experience problems, please call Tech Support on 0800 545 3131, then press option 2.
How can I access my colleague’s case?

You will be unable to access the case online, however you can obtain further updates on the case by contacting the updates team on 08000 30 40 40, then press option 2.

Print, Scan and Attach

What documentation can I print on TMW Online?

The following documents can be printed once they are generated from the case:

  • KFI
  • DIP Response
  • DIP Certificate
  • DIP Summary
  • Application Summary
  • Valuation Report
  • Mortgage Offer

To do this, you can go to the case summary menu, select 'documents' and all documentation that has been generated for the case will be available.

Then press ‘view’ next to the relevant box.

How do I print case documentation?

From the TMW Online welcome page:

  • Click 'Search for an existing case'.
  • From the case summary menu, select 'documents' and all documentation that has been generated for the case will be available.
  • Then press ‘view’ next to the relevant box.

You are also able to print the DIP Certificate this way.

How do I attach something for a case?

For simple step-by-step instructions on how to attach documents, read our Scan and Attach guide.

What is the maximum file size for attaching documents to my application?

The maximum file size for each document on TMW Online is 5MB and for TMW MTE is up to 3MB.

For TMW Online, you can attach up to four documents to the same requirement (each document can be up to 5MB, so 20MB in total).

We hope we have answered the most common questions above, but if you’re still unsure about something, you can contact one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat.