We're curious: What works? What could be better?


Together we're building society, one home at a time. And we're committed more than ever to supporting brokers like you, today and in the future.

Because your opinion matters to us, and your feedback is a key driver for change, we'd love to connect with you through our research platform, Broker Connect.

What does it involve?

Designed for you to get involved, Broker Connect allows you to share your views and make suggestions. Through taking part in our surveys you will bring the voice of the broker to life to help us understand your personal experiences and how best to serve your needs.

Why join?

We're determined to keep improving, so joining means we can continue to put brokers at the heart of what we do. Once you've taken part, we'll let you know how we're using your feedback.

If you’re interested in joining our panel, please email us with your:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • FCA number

We'll use this information to confirm that you're registered to place business with The Mortgage Works (TMW). Once we have validated you as one of our brokers, we'll contact you with further information using the contact details we have on file.