Things to consider

When you are considering a new product, you should also be aware that in addition to the price of the product, features may be different from those in your current contract.

Please make sure you read the statements below.

If you choose to switch to a new mortgage product, the new product will currently revert onto one of The Mortgage Works (UK) plc Managed Rates. If you do not already know, please check your current mortgage offer to see what your revert rate is. Previously our mortgage products were linked to the Bank of England base rate plus a product loading. Whilst both are variable rates with no upper limit or cap, the Managed Rates will change to reflect:

  • changes in general interest rates
  • changes in the law or regulation
  • changes to our costs or
  • changes in the costs to us of borrowing funds

If you choose to switch to a new product, it is not possible to switch back to the Bank of England base rate at a later date.

As the Offer is a legal document, it should not be accepted without considering whether or not to take legal advice.