Portfolio Review

Introducing our personalised Portfolio Review, a new tool to help make the most of your client’s portfolios.

What’s included

  • A cover page summarising what The Mortgage Works could offer your client in the future.
  • A copy of the Portfolio Schedule
  • A summary of portfolio financials, including capital raising potential.
  • Options for you to add ERC end dates, so you can easily keep track of when they may want to remortgage.
  • Options for you to add the stress rate of TMW products that might suit your client, so you can clearly see the impact of new borrowing on their portfolio overall.

Benefits for you and your client

  • See a clear view of future lending potential with The Mortgage Works.
  • Have confidence that the Review is in line with our criteria, affordability, and exposure policies.
  • Save time gathering details about your client’s portfolio before their next application – we’ve already got them right here.

How it works

Right now, you don’t have to do anything you aren’t already doing.

  1. When you submit your next portfolio lending case, just complete our Property Schedule as usual. You can use our online Portfolio Portal or our property schedule form.
  2. When we send you a copy of your client’s offer, we’ll also send you our new Portfolio Review. You can keep it for your records or use it to start a conversation with your client about their future plans.
  3. Next time you apply with us for this client, update the Property Schedule along with the Portfolio Review and upload them instead of a new template.

Things you should know

We base the review on the latest Property Schedule and make assumptions about your client’s current mortgages based on the information you give us.

There’s no expiry date on the review, but the more time passes, the more likely there will be changes to your client’s portfolio that make our assessment less accurate.

The review is an indicative guide, not a guarantee of lending. The review is not intended as advice or guidance about the type or nature of any mortgage product your client may wish to consider.

All lending is subject to valuation, full underwriting, and criteria.

Ready to apply?

Before you apply for your client’s next mortgage with us, you’ll need to update the Property Schedule we’ve shared with you as part of the Portfolio Review, instead of starting a new one. It’s really important that you submit an updated version of the same document we’ve sent you, so we can track it properly.

Contact your Business Development Manager (BDM)

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